December 2nd 2008
Cesar and I attended a charity auction at a gallery next door to the LA INK shop owned by Kat Von D.  Kat had sketched numerous portraits of her boyfriend Nikki Sixx of Motley Crue fame. 
The tattoo artists were present, Corey Miller and Hannah Aitchison as was Nikki. Tom Araya from Slayer was also there even though he denied he was said person and a weird conversation with him ensued!  He eventually admitted he was Tom and signed and posed for a photo
Kat was present but was busy filming in the shop.
December 7th 2008
Knotts Berry Farm had the group Puddle of Mudd performing a free acoustic concert for the holidays.  They performed half a dozen songs including their smash hit "Blurry" and songs from their new album.  After the show the singer Wes Scantlin signed autographs and posed for photos, we got a cd signed and I had my photo taken with Wes.
December 11th 2008
Cesar and I received tickets to see Snow Patrol at a chat show.  The band was performing an oudoor mini concert.  Tom Cruise was also appearing on the show and signed autographs.  Unfortunately we were in line for the concert so missed out on Tom but we had met him twice before.  Cesar and I were front row centre for the concert, Snow Patrol performed five songs and ended with an amazing performance of "Chasing Cars".
After the show we went to the place we always go to try and get autographs and the guys didn't disappoint.  The singer Gary and the keyboard player Tom came over and signed cd's and index cards for us and I had my photo taken with both.  The guys were really nice and hung out for quite a while, it was a good night!
January 8th 2009
Cesar and I attended the premiere of the movie "My Bloody Valentine 3D" starring Jensen Ackles of Supernatural fame.  We had a great evening, we got to hang out with the likes of Jensen, Jessica Alba and Paris Hilton. 
All in all we had ten celebrities sign and pose for photos, these people were: Jensen Ackles, Jessica Alba, Paris and Nicky Hilton, Kerr Smith, Jaime King, Frank Miller, Corey Haim, Katy Perry and Bruce Vilanch. 
Everyone was great and very friendly and we even got a pair of souvenir 3D glasses from the movie!
January 28th 2009
We went to the Kimmel show to see the band Disturbed.  We were front row off to the right so had a really good view.  The band performed half a dozen songs and then signed autographs and posed for photos afterwards.
February 14th 2009
We attended the Hollywood Collector's Convention in Burbank on Valentine's Day.  Amongst the celebrities attending were Carrie Fisher, Debbie Reynolds, Tony Curtis and Eric Roberts.  I chatted and got autographed photos from the above mentioned plus Joan Collins, Robert Picardo, Richard Kiel and Sean Kenney.
All the celebrities were very accomodating and polite if not a little quirky.  Joan Collins had her own room to sign in, I was told this was due to the fact that she did not want the flourescent lights on.  She was apparantly also complainig a lot that it was either too hot or cold for her.
Debbie Reynolds was lovely if not a little out of it, she seemed almost in a trance.
Tony Curtis was nice, everyone who has seen the photo of him and me keep remarking that they did not know he was still alive!
Eric Roberts gave me a 10 dollar refund so I only paid ten dollars for his signed photo and to have my photo taken with him, bargain!
Richard Kiel I was shocked to see was in a wheelchair so I never got to see his enormous height, he was very nice.
Sean Kenney from Star Trek told me he became an actor whilst serving in the airforce.  He was sent to Harrow in the UK and met a woman who was trying to become an actress.  He would read lines with her and picked up the acting bug!
Kevin Sorbo, of Hercules fame, was charging 30 dollars for a signed photo and 20 to have your photo taken with him, total rip off, I got Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds combined for the 50 dollars he was charging.  I noticed his table never had much activity.
April 18th 2009
We went to Hollywood for the Paley Festival at the Cinerama Dome.  We were lucky enough to get into a Desperate Housewives event.  There we met James Denton (Mike) Kyle MacLachlan (Orson) Neal McDonough(Dave) Kathryn Joosten (Mrs. McCluskey and also the entertainment reporter Terri Seymour.
April 25th 2009
We attended a Hollywood Convention in Burbank.  Amongst the celebrities were Gil Gerard (Buck Rogers) Erin Gray (Wilma from Buck Rogers) Tia Carrere, Dawn Wells (Mary Ann from Gilligan's Island) and Richard Eden from the Robocop tv series.   
May 30th 2009
We attended a charity yard sale being held by Scott Baio and his wife.  Amongst the atendees were, Scott, Jason Priestly, Larry Bird and Dannilynne, Kristy Swanson, Doug Jones, Jeremy Jackson and the Clique Girlz.
We bought baby clothes which had belonged to Scott's Baby, Jason's baby and Dannilynne (Anna Nicole Smith was her mum)  We had the daddys sign them!
June 19th 2009
We attended an awards show in Hollywood which was entitled "A Father's Day tribute to tv dads"  This event featured famous dads from tv shows.  We managed to get Erin Moran, Jon Cryer, Bill Paxton, Adam Rich, Douglas Smith and Christine Lankin despite extra tight security.
June 27th 2009
We attended a free signing by the Los Angeles Dodger James Loney at a BMW car dealership in LA.  Cesar got him to sign a Dodger hat he had and we were given a free photo for him to sign also.  The car dealership also gave us free hot dogs (Dodger dogs!) and soda whilst we were waiting, not a bad day!
July 18th 2009
We attended a convention in Burbank.  Amongst the celebrity attendees were Henry Winkler, Lou Ferigno, Marion Ross, Tom Bosley, Shannen Doherty, Taylor Dayne, Davy Jones, Barry Williams, Chrstopher Knight, Susan Olsen, George Lazenby, Greg Evigan and Rosanna Arquette. 
Henry Winkler was really nice, he went around shaking everybody's hands whilst we were waiting in line and he wrote I was lovely on my photo, awwwww. 
Lou Ferigno was HUGE!  His hands were like bear paws (so Cesar said!)  He seemed shy though. 
The Brady Bunch cast were very chatty and eager to pose for photos and the Happy Days cast were all very nice especially Henry Winkler and Anson Williams (Potsie). 
August 1st 2009
We attended a celebrity golf tournamnet held on Donald Trump's course in Malibu.  The event was star studded and amongst the attendees were Don Johnson, Michael Chiklis, Daniel Baldwin, Jonathan Banks, Rick Dees, Joe Mantegna, Ron Perlman and more.  It was a lovely sunny day, the golf course overlooked the ocean and it was a beautiful place.  All the celebrities were very friendly and posed for photos and signed autographs, some of them weren't too bad at playing golf either!
Don Johnson had a bit of an attitude and said "Don't pull on me sweetheart" when I tugged his sleeve!
Rick Dees gave me an oven glove which he signed "Karen, you are hot!"  He also gave Cesar a t-shirt from his radio show.
Bailey Chase from Ugly Betty managed to par his hole and when I congratulated him he said he had done it just for me...awwwww!
Michael Chiklis from the Shield and Fantastic Four started speaking with an English accent (which was not good) when he heard me speak.  He said he liked spending time in England, obviously not enough judging by his accent attempt!
August 22nd 2009
We attended a classic car show in Burbank and were pleased to see car enthusiast Jay Leno as a guest.  He was happy to sign autographs and pose for photos. 
October 10th 2009
We attended the Hollywood Show convention in Burbank.  Amongst the celebrities in attendance were Sean Astin, Charisma Carpenter, Angela Cartwright, Claudia Christian, Patrick Duffy, Richard Hatch, Margot Kidder, Peter Mayhew, Ray Park and Tiffany. 
Everone was nice and friendly especially Tiffany and Ray Parks (he happens to be English!)  Ray asked me what I was doing in America and Cesar told him he had kidnapped me to which he replied "That was a good kidnapping!"
Sean Astin heard my accent and asked me what "shire" I was from referring to "Lord of the Rings" to which I replied "Yorkshire!" which he thought was funny!.
Tiffany said she liked my hair and said one of her favourite movies is "Calendar Girls" which is set in Yorkshire and asked me if all Yorkshire women were like the characters in the movie!
November 11th 2009
We attended a dog adoption event in Melrose, Hollywood.  Amongst the attendees were Ed Begley Jr., Kelly Carlson, Jillian Clare, Carolyn Hennesy, Greg Germann and Emmanuelle Vaugier.  There were some really cute dogs up for adoption and I really wanted to take one home but decided not to, maybe next time!
November 21st 2009
We attended the CNN Heroes awards at the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood.  We were lucky enough to get Terrence Howard, Felicity Huffman, William H Macy and AnnaLynne Mccord before security told us not to approach the stars.  Damned mall cops!
November 29th 2009
We attended the Kodak Theatre for the show Dizzy Feet which featured stars from dance shows and movies.  Amongst the people in attendance were Mark Ballas, Lil C, Sheila E, Greg Evigan, Mitzi Gaynor, Robert Hoffman, Derek Hough, Rick Malambri, Gilles Marini, Matthew Morrison, Kayla Radomski and Nick Zano.
February 13th 2010
The first convention of 2010 we attended was the Hollywood Show in Burbank.  Amongst the guests were Terminator stars Michael Biehn, Linda Hamilton and Robert Patrick.  Also legendary stars Jane Russell, Ernest Borgnine and Richard Chamberlain.  We also got to meet Verne Troyer from the Austin Powers movies, Larry Hagman from Dallas fame, Lindsay Wagner from the Bionic Woman and Stefanie Powers from Hart to Hart. 
All the celebrities were pleasant and approachable, Linda Hamilton grabbed my face and planted a kiss on my cheek.  She said I had a lovely smile and to keep on smiling, she was a lovely woman! 
Robert Patrick was in a funny mood and joked around with me (which Cesar did not like!)
Jane Russell exclaimed she was eighty eight years old when I told her how good she looked! 
Larry Hagman was sat in what looked like a baby's high chair but adult sized, don't know if he had a disability, he was very friendly. 
Stefanie Powers told me she had a friend who owned a dance company in Yorkshire England when I told her I was from there.  When she learned I was English she began talking with a strange American/English accent, Cesar found this very amusing!
Verne Troyer was so tiny!  He told me he goes to England a lot for promotional purposes, I got a lot of comments on my English accent at this convention.
April 12th 2010
We went to see the band "Them Crooked Vultures" which is a super group made up of Dave Grohl from the Foo Fighters, John Paul Jones from Led Zeppelin and Josh Homme from Queens of the Stoneage.  We were front row and the concert was very good, unfortunately the band would not sign afterwards.  The concert was at the Kimmel show and not all was lost as Nathan Fillion from "Castle" was there and he was nice enough to sign autographs and pose for photos.
April 19th 2010
We attended a Cypress Hill concert at the Kimmel show and met the band after the show, they were very nice and signed and posed for photos.  Tom Morello from Rage Against the Machine was also there playing with the band and he signed and posed for a photo as did rapper Young De.  I was also happy to meet Alex O'Loughlin from the show "Moonlight" and the upcoming movie "The Back Up Plan"
April 24th 2010
We attended the Hollywood Show in Burbank.  Amongst the celebrity guests we met were Emma Caulfield, Peter Fonda, Nicholas Hammond, Joe Lando, Ralph Macchio, Ryan O'Neal, Tatum O'Neal & Charlene Tilton.
All were extremely nice especially Ryan O'Neal who was very down to earth and friendly unlike his daughter Tatum who was also there.  We obtained a signed photo from her but she would not pose for a photo with me!  She would only pose for "professional photos" provided by the venue.
Nicholas Hammond who played Spiderman and was also in The Sound of Music was super nice, he had flown over from Australia to be at the show.  Cesar asked him if he could see through the eyes of the Spiderman suit and he said he could and that the lenses were tinted sunglasses.  He seemed genuinely surprised when we said we watched the Spiderman show when we were younger and said it meant a lot to him.
Charlene Tilton was very chatty, she told me she had lived in Reading, England for a while and had done theatre and pantomime there.  She said she loved my glasses and the colour of my jacket!
Peter Fonda was a nice guy he said he couldn't believe the Easy Rider movie was so long ago, he said he had more hair back then!
Joe Lando was nice, he asked me where I was from and was shocked when I said England.  Cesar told him the usual story that he had kidnapped me and Joe said "I don't blame you!"
Ralph Macchio still looked like he did when he was in The Karate Kid!  He was a bit quiet, I don't think he has been in the limelight for a while.  Cesar asked him how he felt about the new Karate Kid movie and he said he didn't know, he hadn't seen it but it should be interesting.
Emma Caulfield was nice, she chatted about her time in Buffy and said she was doing something new.
May 12th 2010
We were out and about in Hollywood and stumbled upon the cast of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition doing a charity event.  Tracy Hutson, Ed Sanders and Paul DiMeo were building a toy wood house outside of the Hollywood and Highland complex and all signed and posed for a photo.
June 3rd 2010
We went to the Staples Center for the first game of the Lakers v. Celtics final.  We managed to get Donnie Wahlberg, Pat O'Brien and Rondell Sheridan.  We were snubbed by a myriad of stars including Sylvester Stallone and Stephen Spielberg.  It is true to say that if a celebrity is not working, i.e at a premiere or taping a chat show, they do not like to sign.
July 18th 2010
We went to a flea market hosted by radio D.J Rick Dees.  Some celebrities in attendance were Scott Elrod, Kiko Ellsworth, Boxer Mia St. John, Jenilee Harrison, Peter Kwong, Ken Davitan, Ice from American Gladiators and Kate Linder.  All were very nice and friendly and signed autographs and posed for pictures.
July 31st 2010
We attended a celebrity golf tournament at Donald Trump's course in Malibu.  Amongst those in attendance were Stephen Bauer, Chad Everett, Miguel Ferrer, Willie Gault, Robert Hays, George Lopez, Mil Mascaras, Neal McDonough, Jack McGee, Brandon Molale, Michael Ironside, Ron Perlman, Travis Shultz, Gary Valentine, Granville Van Dusen, Mykelti Williamson and Luke Wilson.
Everyone was very nice and all signed and posed for photos, no divas here!
Rick Dees was also there and he remembered my name from our meeting at his flea market a few weeks ago, don't know if that is a good or bad thing!
October 9th 2010
We attended the Hollywood show in Burbank, amongst the celebrities attending were Mickey Dolenz, Barbara Eden, Sherilyn Fenn, Tippi Hedren, Nastassja Kinski, Martin Klebba, Billy J. Kramer, Denny Laine, Ali MacGraw, Dale Midkiff, David Naughton and Peter Tork.
Everyone was very nice and friendly especially Ali MacGraw and Nastassja Kinski.  Ali and I chatted about England as she detected my accent and I also told her what lipstick to buy as she was complaining that hers doesn't stay on for long!  She also told me that I was a "very beautiful woman" nice!
Nastassja was very friendly, she gave me a hug and asked me to kiss her after the photo op, my husband complained that she never asked him to kiss her!
Barbara Eden looked the same as when she was in I dream of Jeannie and had a very bubbly personality.
David Naughton from An American Werewolf in London was surprised when I said I was from the same area where the movie was filmed.  He did the hand thing from the movie where he looks at it when he begins to change into the werewolf, funny!
Mickey Dolenz and Peter Tork were goofy, exactly as you would expect a Monkee to be!
Sherilyn Fenn told us that she had a bad back as "some idiot" threw her across the room when she was filming a cable show and so asked me to kneel down next to her when I was having a photo taken with her.
Tippi Hedren seemed bored, Dale Midkiff was chatty, Billy J. Kramer and Denny Laine were quiet and Martin Klebba was talking in an English accent when he heard mine.
October 19th 2010
We met Richie Sambora from Bon Jovi and A.J Buckley from CSI New York at the Grove in Hollywood.  Richie was the sweetest guy and signed and posed for photos with all the fans.  He signed 3 cds and an index card for me!  We saw A.J when we were leaving the Grove, he was eating at a restaurant and was nice enough to sign an autograph and pose for a photo.
October 27th 2010
We attended a mini concert performed by "A Perfect Circle" at the Jimmy Kimmel Show.  Afterwards we got autographs and photos from the guitarist Billy Howerdel and bassist Matt McJunkins.
February 21st 2011
We headed off to the Grove in Hollywood to try and get one of my favourite bands, 30 Seconds to Mars.  We were in luck as we ran into Shannon Leto very quickly and he signed two of my cds and posed for a photo.  Tomo Milicevic arrived next and we missed the opportunity to get him as he walked very quickly away to an Italian restaurant so we waited outside.  Whilst we were waiting I saw Jared Leto walking towards us but he turned into the restaurant too before we could get to him.  The guys were at the Grove to do an interview for the tv show "Extra" so we waited around until they had done their bit and then went to our usual place to try and get them on the way out. 
Tomo came out first and he was nice enough to stop and sign then pose for a photo.  Shannon came past us next but we had already got him so we just said thanks and we waved and smiled.  Cesar then spotted Jared who was practically running so I headed him off, he had no choice but to stop as I was in the way!  I asked if he would sign my cd so he grabbed the cd and marker and started walking quickly away with me having to run after him.  He then turned around and gave me back the cd after he signed, I asked if he would pose for a photo but he ignored me and ran to his car, charming!  Luckily my hubby had managed to get a photo of us together when Jared reached for the cd.  Beforehand I had said to my hubby that Jared was pretentious and a snob so I was surprised he even signed!
March 10th 2011
We attended the premiere of Lincoln Lawyer which stars Matthew Mcconaughey and Ryan Phillippe.  I managed to get a photo with Ryan even though he was moving quickly down the line and said no photos to everyone.  I used my "I came all the way from England" line which got him to stop!  I also managed to get a photo with Michael Pena who was very gracious.  Matthew on the other hand was somewhat of a diva and would not sign, he just moved down the line and would only shake hands with everyone.
May 7th 2011
Today was free comic book day in LA and we stumbled across Walter Koenig, Chekhov from Star Trek, Wil Wheaton, Wesley Crusher from Star Trek Next Generation and Tom Kenny (the voice of Spongebob) doing free signings so I was very happy!
July 16th 2011
We attended the LAPD celebrity golf tournament at Donald Trump's course at Rancho Palos Verdes.  The celebrities were mainly the same ones as last year so it was a pretty poor showing.  The main stars Luke Wilson and Angie Everhart did not show, probably blaming "Carmageddon" the 405 shut down over that weekend.  That was no excuse as we travelled from the valley which is the same distance and using the same routes.
The celebrities that stuck out were Paula Trickey who said that everyone on the O.C sucked except Peter Gallagher and another actress whom I can't remember.  She said the rest were very self centered and stuck up.
Erik Estrada seemed drunk, well that was the general opinion and when I approached him he practically groped me and planted a big wet kiss on my cheek/neck, my husband was not best pleased!
July 17th 2011
We attended the Hollywood Show and the cast of Dynasty was there which was a treat for me as I avidly watched that show as a teenager. 
I had a long chat with Gordon Thompson who played Adam Carrington and he told me he was 38 when he got the part and was playing a 24 year old.  He said Joan Collins was not pleased he got the part as he was too old!  She also told him that her feelings towards him were not maternal!
Maxwell Caulfield who played Miles Colby was there and he informed me he had been on the soap Emmerdale which is filmed near where I lived in England and that he had performed at the Darlington Civic Theatre which is about 12 miles from my old home.  I did not know any of this and so it was nice to talk about home!  It's a small world!
I also got to meet three of the child stars from Willy Wonka and Julie Dawn Cole "Veruka Salt" told me that she knew the small town I was from in England as she had friends there and had attended her friend's wedding, small world again!
Adrian Paul from Highlander looked pretty much the same, he had not aged much and was very nice, Billy Zane was as pretentious as I imagined he would be and was not in the best shape.
September 1st 2011
We ventured to the Grove in Hollywood as Cesar wanted to get the Laker Ron Artest.  Unfortunately he cancelled but we did spot Dancing With The Stars dancer Tony Dovolani so the day was not all lost.
September 7th 2011
We went to see 30 Seconds to Mars at San Manuel Indian casino and bumped into KROQ DJ Stryker who was hosting.
December 31st 2011
We ventured over to Hollywood on New Year's Eve only to find out the Lakers were in town and there was a game that day.  We figured we would hang around outside the venue to celebrity spot and luckily we managed to spot three, Dyan Cannon, Xzibit and Mario Lopez so not a bad end to the year!
January 8th 2012
We went to watch a Laker's game and ran into Laker's assistant coach and former player Darvin Ham and also newscaster and former Green Bay Packer Jim Hill.
February 11th 2012
We attended the February Hollywood show and met a few stars from the movies and the small screen.  Firstly we queued for David Soul, Paul Michael Glaser and Antonio Fargas from Starsky and Hutch.  The line was long and the wait longer.  Fargas was the first to sign for me, he was actually a lot younger looking and in better shape than I thought he would be.  People were commenting on the fact that he looked not much older than when he was on the show.  He let me take a photo with him even though the guys weren't supposed to (more about that later).
Next was David Soul who was not in good shape, he was definitely the worst of the three and was wearing an ugly Hawaiin shirt.  There were signs on his table stating that he would not be taking photos at the table with fans. If you wanted a photo with him you had to get a professional one taken and pay 40 dollars.  That was extreme so I passed and instead my husband covertly tried to get me in a photo with him which he succeeded in doing.  David told me that he is a citizen in the UK and has been living there for fifteen years to which I replied I was a citizen here and had been here eleven years, ironic.
Paul Michael Glaser was last and the same rules applied with the photos so once again my husband tried to get me in a shot with him.  Paul was okay until he tried to sell me his children's book to which I said I didn't have any kids and he asked in a rather shirty manner if I had neices or nephews to which I said no so he waved me away, charming.
The best of the rest were the Star Wars cast members, Billy Dee Williams, Jeremy Bulloch and Richard LeParmentier who were all nice.  Bulloch told me that he'd had the chance to live in LA in the 80s after I told him I had been living here for eleven years.  He said he didn't want to as he had kids at the time and didn't want to be auditioning for roles.
Natasha Henstridge was nice, Cesar told her that we watched her new show "The Secret Circle" and that she was really mean on the show.  She said it was the writer's fault and she was nice really!  I was surprised at how tall she was when she stood to take a photo with me.
Elizabeth Shannon was kooky, looked like she'd had some work done on her face though which is a shame as she is still young.
Amber Benson who played Tara on Buffy was only selling her new book and had one head shot photo, no Buffy photos which I thought was strange.  She took a photo with me although she said she wasn't supposed to, that seems to be the new mantra.
Olivia Brown and Saundra Santiago from Miami Vice were sweethearts, Saundra said she had just taken the red eye from New York and was exhausted.  I took a photo with her and Olivia together.
Tom Feldon from Harry Potter was funny, of course he was he is English!  He kept calling me "my lovely" and we chatted about England, he seemed happy to have another Brit to talk to.
May 8th 2012
We went to the Grove in Hollywood and ran into Randy Jackson from American Idol and James Denton from Desperate Housewives fame.  Both stopped to sin autographs and take a photo with me.
July 28th 2012
We went to the Farmer's Classic tennis tournament at UCLA and ran into former players Pam Shriver and Brad Gilbert who were commentating on matches, both stopped to take photos with me.
August 4th 2012
We attended the August Hollywood Show and met many stars of film and television. Ken Kerchaval, Steve Kanaly and Morgan Brittany from the Dallas series were in attendance who were all very nice and chatty.  Steve told me he had family from England, Nottinghamshire.  I think Morgan thought we didn't know who she was as she poined to her name tag and said "that is me!" but we knew of course, who could forget her role as Katherine Wentworth in Dallas.
Alex Meraz from Twilight looked bored when we went up to his table and was texting on his phone (very rude) but managed to put it down and sign and take a photo. Todd Bridges from Diff'rent Strokes looked tired but was very nice and Taryn Manning took a photo with me and told us she was going ot be in the next series of Hawaii five 0. 
Christopher Atkins from Blue Lagoon seemed mad at Brooke Shields as we told him that we had just seen the movie Retuen to Blue Lagoon which he had a small part in and he said Brooke was asked to do it but she doesn't want anything to do with that movie anymore.  He then went on to say how the makers wanted to do a reunion a few years back and were going to fly them all to the Island but she declined.  He did not seem happy!! 
Dean Cain from Superman was sweet to everyone and took time to chat but Callum Blue from Smallville was the best. He is from England and when he found out I was too he seemed very happy and admitted he was homesick especially as the Olympics were being held in London where he is from.  He seemed shocked that Cesar and I had been married for eight years and congratulated us and said we were a cute couple.
August 11th 2012
We attended a Rick Springfield concert and met the musicain Malina Moye who was very nice and signed and posed for photos after the show.  To meet Rick you had to pay for a meet and greet which was 300 dollars, I like the guy but not that much!
October 13th 2012
We attended a celebrity golf tournament in Los Angeles in October hosted by the LAPD. Amongst the guests were Dolph Lundgren, Paula Abdul, Jack Nicholson, David Hasslehoff, Daryl Hannah, Vanessa Marcil, Danny Masterson, C. Thomas Howell, Cheech Marin, Jake Johnson, The Bachelor Jake Pavelka, supermodel Joanna Kruppa amongst others.
Jack Nicholson and David Hasslehoff obviously did not get the memo that they should be nice to the fans as they ignored everyone and did their own thing.  It was quite comical watching Jack and a group of autograph hunters following him around trying to get any scraps he would throw and he ignored them the whole time.
The rest of the celebrities were very nice especially Dolph Lundgren, Rob Morrow, Jake Johnson Daryl Hannah and Vanessa Marcil.  Paula Abdul signed and posed for a photo with me but that was after I ignored a 400 pound six foot five police officer who was barking for everyone to stay away from her despite her wanting to sign.  Yes the police should be there for protection but some of them went overboard especially as the celebrities wanted to sign for the fans.  I noticed that too when a cop on a bicycle who was protecting Nicholson mowed down a fifteen year old girl when the crowd went up to Jack after he had finished playing a hole.  Her mother went crazy on the cop who just ignored her and rode away, I would have taken his name and reported him.  Anyway apart from overzealous cops and some ignorant celebrities I had a great time!
December 4th 2012
We bumped into basketball player Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Scott Foley from the tv shows Survivor and The Unit and Survivor host Jeff Probst at the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood.  They were there for a Carole King event, Jabbar was a jerk and wouldn't pose for a photo and actually glared at the camera but Scott and Jeff were lovely!
February 2nd 2013
We attended the LA Celebrity Show which was held in Hollywood and met celebrities such as Barbara Eden, Claudia Wells, Holly Marie Combs, John Saxton, Lesley Ann Warren, Linda Blair, Loni Anderson, Michael Pare, Morgan Fairchild and Tippi Hedren.
March 4th 2013
We attended a tennis tournament in LA featuring Pete Sampras and Novak Djokovic and met David Walton from New Girl and Keenen Ivory Wayans from In Living Color.
July 27th 2013
We attended a classic car show in Burbank and ran into Mario Lopez and Jay Leno who both posed for photos with me, There were also cars from the movies there, namely cars from Batman, Dukes of Hazard, 2 Fast 2 Furious, Entourage and Grease
August 4th 2013
We attended a free concert at the Warner Center Park in Woodland Hills by the DOORS guitarist Robby Krieger and his new band.  We got to meet him after the show and he signed my DOORS greatest hits cd and took a photo with me.  We had actually left and gone back to the car before we met him as we were waiting with a few others at the back door and a snotty woman came out and said he was not going to sign so we should all go.  We waited a little longer and then went to get the car and drove back around about ten minutes later and saw flashes going off. We ditched the car at the side of the road and ran to the door and lo and behold Robby was signing.  We know by experience that when we are told by their entourage that the star will not be signing it is usually to thin the crowd and then they will come out.  We were glad that we went back as there are only two DOORS members left.  Robby was not only the guitarist but actually wrote some of their songs including my favourite Light My Fire.
August 10th 2013
We were at a McDonalds in Burbank and ran into r&b singer/actor Trevor Jackson who's new single "Drop it" is being used in the new McDonald's monopoly promotion.  He also starred in the tv show Eureka on the Syfy channel for two seasons.  Trevor was there to promote his new single and we got him to sign a poster he was giving away and I took a photo with him.  Hopefully he will become the next big thing!
August 12th 2013 
We went to the premiere of The Mortal Instruments at the Cinerama Dome in Hollywood as I found out that one of my favourite actors Aidan Turner who was in the BBC version of Being Human and who was also Kili in the Hobbit  would be attending. 
We did not anticipate it to be a big premiere so were shocked when we got there and there was already a hundred plus fans in line, we had to get a ticket as only the first 200 people were being let in.  Anyway we waited in line for a couple of hours and eventually got into the red carpet area but we were way at the back so decided to leave and go to the back of the dome as sometimes celebrities go in that way. 
We actually got a few going in to see regular movies, Jeff Goldblum, Emmanuelle Chriqui from Entourage and Josh Sussman from Glee.  We also saw Quinten Tarantino who I approached and was told basically to go away and that I was intruding into his personal life!  His exact words were "I am trying to live my life, leave me alone sweetheart!"   Hmm why would you go to a cinema that was showing a premiere that night if you did not want to be approached?  I think he wanted to be asked for his autograph just so he could show off for the mutantly tall woman he had with him. He is a nasty man who looks a lot like Frankenstein up close and personal.  I told my husband we should have followed him into the movie he was going to see, sit behind him and throw popcorn at him all night ha!
We waited until the premiere was over as I was determined to get Aidan and thankfully I saw him sneaking out and approached him.  I told him I was a fan of Being Human and that made him stop and he said "Being Human eh?" as he probably wasn't expecting that, he then signed two Hobbit cards I had and took a photo with me,  Cesar asked him what he thought of the American version of Being Human and he said it was good. After that he ran off telling people he was in a hurry so he only signed for me.
We also got Hunter from the group AFI who are on the soundtrack, Molly Quinn from Castle and Bella Thorne from Shake it Up so all in all we had a good night!
October 7th 2013
We went to see one of Cesar's favourite bands KORN at the Kimmel show, the guitarist James "Munky" Shaffer came into the alley at the end of the show to sign autographs and pose for photos, he was very nice
October 12th 2013
We hopped on over to the Hollywood and Highland as Hugh Jackman was having a charity event so we figured he must have some famous friends who might show up!  The only A lister we managed to get was Terrence Howard who had signed for me a few years ago, he always seems like he never wants to stop but does.  We saw him wandering around later on in the evening with a woman companion and they were making out near an elevator!  We think he was slightly drunk as he was staggering slightly.  We also met Darren Criss from Glee, Nathan Parsons from General Hospital, Lorenzo Lamas, Nigel Lythgoe from So you think you can dance and showbiz reporter Jeanne Wolf who were all nice.
November 19th 2013
We went to the Jimmy Kimmel show to see Daughtry as it was my birthday!  Chris signed 3 cds after the show and I took a blank birthday card with me and he signed that too.  He also took a photo with me and wished me a happy birthday.  Afterwards we stumbled upon the end of a premiere which we found out later was for the Disney movie Frozen.  We saw the pros going after some people and found out they were Jonathan Groff from the movie and Stefanie Scott from Disney's A.N.T Farm so I got my photo taken with the both of them.  Jonathan was walking away and said no at first then I badgered him and told him it was my birthday, he said he didn't believe me so I said I would show him my driving license!  He then said okay to the photo as I was persistent, ha. It was a super night!

March 22nd 2014
We attended a Q&A session featuring stars from the tv shows The Vampire Diaries and the Originals.  The main three actors from The Vampire Diaries Paul Wesley, Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev were in attendance.  Paul and Nina signed after the event and Ian did although not many and I did not get my dvd signed by him.  Most of the Originals appeared and signed after the event except Charles Michael Davis and Daniel Gilles who only signed for a few people.

April 26th 2014

We ran into Republican Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan on our last day of vacation in Hawaii at Duke's in Waikiki!  He was very nice and took photos with the patrons even though he is a Republican!

May 25th 2014

We went to a Greek festival and ran into Bobby Shriver the brother of Maria Shriver who is running for superintendent of Los Angeles.  He was very nice and took a photo with me.

May 31st 2014

We attended the annual LAPD golf tournament which this year was held at a golf course in Pasadena. Dennis Quaid was this years host and a bevvy of stars from the world of sports and film attended.  We were lucky enough to meet nineteen people whom we have not met before and eight repeats.  Amongst the new celebrities were Dennis Quaid, Teri Hatcher, Bruce McGill, C.S. Lee, Anne-Marie Johnson, Danny Boy from House of Pain, Nyambi Nyambi, Phillip P. Keene, Richard Karn, Najee De Tiege, Dennis Haysbert, Carl Weathers, Danny Trejo and sporting stars Oscar de la Hoya, Jason and Jarron Collins, Grant Fuhr, Willie Gault and Tito Ortiz.
Oscar de la Hoya picked me out to make his shot for him on the ninth hole!  He said if I made it he would give me ringside tickets to a fight he was promoting in Vegas on July 12th, my hubby nearly fainted on the spot!  I missed the first shot as I was playing with his left handed putter so I was given a righty instead and just missed the second go, everyone including Oscar thought it was in and I think he felt bad so gave me another go and bingo, it went in!  Oscar high fived me and walked back to my hubby with me and we gave Oscar our details and he said someone from his company will be contacting us, it has been 3 days and we are still waiting!
All in all it was a great day, I got 19 new people and 27 in all with people we already had, cannot wait until next year!

June 8th 2014

We attended the annual Cops for tots car show held by the LAPD at the Police Academy in LA.  We ran into the ABC News traffic reporter Alysha Del Valle who was busy modelling in front of the cars but she took a photo with me and told me I smelled so good!  We also met and took photos with Matt Burch and Froylan "Froy" Tercero from Operation Repo.  We had met Sonia Pizarro also from Operation Repo the week before at the LAPD celebrity golf tournament.

July 12th 2014

We went to Vegas for the Canello vs. Lara fight with the free tickets Oscar de la Hoya gave us!  All in all we saw about 10 fights as the show started at 2pm and ended after 10pm, the main fight was at about 7:30pm.  we had awesome seats and had a thoroughly great time.  There were a few celebrities at the fight including Mike Tyson but he did not let anyone near him and the Mexican goalie from the World Cup.  We met some boxers after the fight including Badou Jack, Ishe Smith, Robert Garcia, Mikey Garcia plus boxing mogul Sam Watson and Big Boy from Power 106.

November 10th 2014

We went to the Jimmy Kimmel show to see one of my childhood bands Spandau Ballet!  Tony Hadley and Gary Kemp came out to sign before the concert and then Martin Kemp and Steve Norman came out after the show to sign my cd.  The guys were really sweet and chatty and I spoke to Tony about England! 
Afterwards we went over to the Kodak theatre as there was a premiere on and as we were waiting for it to finish a guy came up to me and gave me his wristband to get into the after party at the Roosevelt Hotel!  I didn't go as Cesar wouldn't have been able to get in and I did not want to go in by myself!  Cesar kept saying I should go in and get him some food hehehe.  Afterwards I thought we should have sold it to someone who was waiting outside but that was when I got home so missed out! We also ran into the local ABC 7 news reporter Elex Michaelson who was covering a story at the Kodak so I got a photo with him.  All in all it was a good night.
April 14th 2015
 We attended a taping of the aftershow A.D The Bible.  The star Juan Pablo Di Pace was there and chatted with the host but we could not get a photo with him as he left as soon as the show finished and we were made to stay and listen tho the musical guest.  Christine D'Clario was that guest and she sang a few songs then I got a photo with her afterwards.
May 2nd 2015
We went to the Burbank parade and saw the former mayor of L.A Antonio Villariagosa walking down the street so I managed a photo with him.  Rumour has it he may end up running for the senate and eventually president some day.
May 4th 2015
We attended the Jimmy Kimmel show to see the group Imagine Dragons.  They played all our favourite songs and Cesar caught a guitar pick at the end of the show.  I managed a photo with the singer Dan Reynolds and he signed my cd, he said he only took a photo with me as he loved my English accent and he said it in an English accent, he was a really nice guy!
May 18th 2015
We attended the Jimmy Kimmel show to see Mariah Carey as we had managed to secure priority tickets.  we ended up in the second row which was great.  Mariah sang half a dozen songs including Vision of Love, Touch My Body and her new single Infinity.  She sounded really good and interacted with the audience, she seemed in a good mood and not the diva we expected although she was typically late and made us wait, it was all worth it in the end.
June 19th 2015
We attended a skateboard park opening at a local recreation centre and the legendary skateboarding icon Tony Hawk opened the park.  He skated around for about an hour using the new jumps and ramps along with other skateboarders including Willy Santos, Jason Park and David Loy.  I managed to nab a photo with Tony as he was getting ready to do a run which was just as well as he did not take any photos afterwards. He signed a few skateboards on his way back to the car and Cesar managed to get an index card signed.  I got photos and autographs from the other skaters mentioned.
June 20th 2015
We attended the annual LAPD celebrity golf tournament in Pasadena.  Amongst the celebrity players we managed to get were Kevin Sorbo, Dennis Quaid, Brian Krause, Alex Thomas, Breckin Meyer, Erik Valdez, Jonathan Banks, Kendall Schmidt, Maurice Greene, Richard Burgi and Norm Nixon.  There did not seem as many guests as last year, maybe the heat put them off as it was 100 degrees!  Also there were signs everywhere stating that no memorabilia apart from hats and the programme would be signed which did not go down well with a lot of people who had brought basketballs and baseballs and had to take them back to their cars, it could have better been organised.  That said we had a nice time and I lost count of how many of the celebrities commented on my English accent, it never gets old! 
September 29th 2015
We managed to get tickets to the sold out Duran Duran concert at the Jimmy Kimmel show the day before the concert so I was thrilled!  They were always one of my favourite bands as a teenager so I was delighted that I would finally get to see them.  We arrived at the venue at 4pm and the concert was scheduled to start at 6:30 and we planned to start lining up at 5pm.  we waited in the alley along with about 10 other people including paps and pros and not long after the band walked out of the venue to do their sound check.  We shouted at them to come over but they just waved and continued walking.  The sound check took about half an hour and then they walked back to the theatre and we shouted again, this time John Taylor came over and signed my cd and posed for a photo.  He was nice but refused to sign a poster a woman had made and actually said quite disdainfully " I am not signing that!"  The show itself was good, Simon Le Bon still has a good voice, he messed up 3 songs though and restarted one of them three times and sang the other two again at the end of the show.  They performed about half a dozen songs in all.  Afterwards we waited in the alley and the band walked out waved then left so nobody signed, the only one who came over was Mr. Hudson who is a musician and music producer and wrote and produced most of the songs on Duran's new album, he also played guitar with the band onstage at the concert.  He was really funny and posed and signed for everyone.  All in all it was a good night and I got a photo and cd signed by my favourite band member so it can't be bad!
November 10th 2015
We attended a Veteran's Day ceremony at my college as the Mayor of LA Eric Garcetti was scheduled to speak.  Cesar is convinced he will run for President in the future and so wanted to get a photo and autograph.  Eric has appeared on the tv show The Closer and also Major Crimes as the Mayor of LA before being elected the real Mayor of LA, ironic!  We managed to get photos with him after the ceremony and he signed my programme, he was very nice and friendly and out turned out his great grandfather was from the same small village in Mexico that Cesar's great grandmother was from, small world!
December 16th 2015
My wonderful hubby got me tickets to see Cirque Du Soleil, Kurios, at Dodger Stadium as an early Christmas present.  We arrived and I wanted a photo under the sign at the entrance which Cesar took and then a woman asked if we wanted a photo together but we declined. It was then I noticed the man she was with and I knew straight away that he was an actor.  He proceeded to take the womans photo under the sign and I waited until they were done and I asked if he was an actor to which he affirmed.  I asked if I could get a photo with him and he said yes and led me off to where the light was better which was nice.  After the photo I googled male black comedy actors as I knew I had seen him in comedy movies and lo and behold his photo was there and it turned out to be Craig Robinson from show The Office and movies such as Pineapple Express and Hot tub time machine!  At the end of the show we saw them again coming from upstairs and we were in the 3rd row so turns out we had better seats, ha!

April 6th 2016

We found out that the annual Indie Series Awards were to be held at the El Portal Theatre in North Hollywood, we decided to go as we thought it would be an easy target.  We showed up at 4:30pm and there was nobody there but we saw a sign on the marquee and a small red carpet with back drop inside the foyer. We were surprised there was no press or paparazzi there as in Hollywood there would have been people already waiting.  Not long after our arrival a couple of reporters showed up and began rehearsing and then around 5:10pm the first of the guests started showing up.  The first to arrive was Jillian Clare, we had met her years ago when she was younger and now she was all grown up so that was nice to see.  The second to arrive was Kevin Spirtas, he was chatty and signed an index card and posed for a photo.  After that a steady stream began to arrive and all in all we got 25 celebrities who were, in no particular order, Brianna Brown, Cady Huffman, Carolyn Hennesy, Brittany Underwood, Alicia Leigh Willis, Colleen Zenk, Crista Flanagan, Jackie Zeman, Jillian Clare, Kathleen Gati, Mary Beth Evans, Melissa Archer, Melissa Claire Egan, Martha Madison, Patrika Darbo, Jessica Morris, Yancy Butler, Eric Martsolf, Keith Powell, Kiko Ellsworth, Nicolas Coster, Jim Rash, Kevin Spirtas, Tristan Rogers and Ronn Moss.  A great night indeed!

April 7th 2016

We decided to go to the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood as we found out that the two hour American Idol Series finale was to be held there.  We arrived right as people were streaming into the theatre and the first celebrity I saw was Steve Howey, he had refused to sign for me on my birthday a couple of years ago as he was eating with kids at the Cheesecake Factory so I was detrmined to get him this time.  He was actually nice and posed for a photo and signed an index card for me.  I thought we were off to a good start but soon became disappointed as we spotted nobody else, we asumed the stars must have entered through a different entrance so decided to go and eat at the Hard Rock cafe and try to get people on the way out.  We ate dinner and a dessert which took over an hour and just got back in time to see people coming out of the theatre.  We did not know if the show had ended or whether it was just an interval but about half an hour later more started to leave so we figured it must be over.

The American Idol allumni started to come out really quickly, the first I spotted was Kara DioGuardi who was a former judge and she headed for the elevator, luckily there were othere people doing the same as us so they stopped her which gave us time to catch up with her, she was really nice and posed for a photo.  We then saw camera flashes and saw people taking photos with Taylor Hicks, he signed an index card and posed for a photo with me although he did not want to as he said he had to leave but I strong armed him, I don't tend to take no for an answer!  After that it was a blur as lots of former contestants came out at the same time.  We managed to get Kris Allen, Casy James, Blake Lewis, Candice Glover, Kimberley Locke, Emily Brooke, Constantine Maroulis, Melinda Doolittle, Tamyra Gray, Gianna Isabella, Joshua Ledet, Dalton Rapattoni, James Durbin, Allison Iraheta, Sonika Vaid, Mikalah Gordon, American Idol house band singer Dorian Holley, former host Brian Dunkleman and last but not least Jordin Sparks who was rudely being dragged away by Glee star Amber Riley who we got a photo with too.  She seemed jealous that Jordin was getting so much attention!  All in all it was a great night!

May 2nd 2016

We attended a Florida Georgia Line mini concert at the Jimmy Kimmel show and they were doing a mash up with Flo Rida.  The guys from FGL did not come over to sign at the beginning or end of the show but Flo Rida was really nice and came over to sign after the rehearsal and took photos too.  I only had my FGL cd and for some reason thought he was on it but remembered after he signed it that it was Nelly on the cd, oh well!  I also got a photo with Cousin Sal from the show, he was really nice too.

May 21st 2016

We attended the annual LAPD celebrity golf tournament in May this year which was a good decision as it was a lot cooler than in previous years.  We arrived early, I think we were the first spectators there as none of the volunteers had set up.  The first celebrities we encountered were Mark Paul-Gosselaar, Alan Thicke and Frank Buckley whom I all took selfies with as Cesar and his dad were setting up our chairs on one of the holes.  Mark was actually coming out of the porta potty when I spotted him, (hope he washed his hands!), he was really nice and patient as I tried to take a selfie and I took two photos just to be sure at least one came out okay.

After that the celebrities were called to their carts and so we went to wait for them to start showing up at our hole,  It was a staggered start so we did not have to wait long.  A steady stream of stars started arriving quickly, first to show were Anne-Marie Johnson, Kearran Giovanni, Phillip Keene and Tony Denison from the show Major Crimes, they were all nice and signed and posed for photos.  Robert Hays from the Airplane movies was next followed by Don Most from Happy days then Kendall Schmidt and Wesley Jonathan who were playing together.  Next came the host of the event Jack Wagner and then lo and behold Gene Simmons from Kiss!  He was listed as a special guest so we did not expect him to be driving around in a golf cart as the VIP guests usually hang out at the marquee.  We had seen him there earlier and he did not seem like he wanted to mix with the public but that was not so!  I was the first to go up to him in his cart and I asked for a photo to which he said to walk with him which was difficult so the police officer driving had the good sense to stop and Cesar took the photo.  After that everyone went up to him and then he decided to get out of the cart to get his photo taken with some storm troopers who were hanging about,  That was when everyone started to go up to him to get things signed and I had taken my Kiss cd so I got him to sign that and then I got a better photo with him.  He actually pulled my head to his chest right before Cesar took the photo which was funny!  His daughter Sophie was following in the cart behind and I recognised her and got a picture with her, she did not seem that happy to be there.

Just when I thought things could not get better another cart rolled up and Nick Carter and A.J McLean from the Backstreet Boys jumped out!  That was good as I had bought a cd especially for them to sign which they did happily and I got photos with them.  They actually needed to go pee and left right after they signed for me but came back not long after which was good as there may have been a riot otherwise!

A few more actors and sports figures arrived not long after, first was Good Will Hunting actor Cole Hauser and then Alan Thicke and his son Carter.  Next came former baseball player Frank Sandoval and former Laker Tracy Murray,  Not long afterwards John Pyper-Ferguson from TNTs The Last Ship who was barely recognisable with a scruffy beard came along followed by Luke Wilson who is always friendly.  Jeff Garlin from the hugely popular show The Goldbergs was next, I overheard him saying he had diabetes so he did well to stay out all day.  Andy Garcia suddenly showed up and that was a nice surprise as he was not on the list and he is not usually very friendly as we have seen him at premieres and he never wants to sign but today he was very friendly and signed and posed for photos. 

Tommy Lasorda who was the Dodger manager arrived next much to Cesar's delight as he likes him and the last time he was at the tournament he was not in a good mood and did not want to sign, today however he signed and posed for photos although did not get out of the cart as he was frail.  Cesar even got a photo with him and he never gets his photo with anyone!

Only two more appeared after that, Mark-Paul Gosselaar, who I already took a selfe with but got another photo as this time he had his sunglasses off, and Ransford Doherty from The Closer who kept calling me ma'am to which I told him he was very polite!

All in all it was a great day, I got 27 celebrities with 17 being new, everyone was very friendly, stars and other patrons alike and it was nice not having to compete with the pros and their twenty items to be signed, roll on next year!!

June 28th 2016

We got tickets to see Culture Club at the Jimmy Kimmel Show, seeing as the band was part of my teens I was excited to go.  I did not think I would get Boy George to sign or take a photo as I heard he was not very fan friendly but I was happy to go and listen to the music anyway. 

We got to the venue at 4pm and straight away went to the alley behind the theatre, there was already a lot of pros and paps there but we learned they were there for Margot Robbie.  We were told that three of the members from Culture Club had already been over to sign when they first arrived so we went to the concert line to get our wristbands.  After we had acquired them Cesar waited in line and I went back to the alley.  I waited another fifteen minutes until the band finished the sound check and I saw Jon Moss and Mikey Craig leave, Mikey said he was in a hurry to change and would sign later. 

I went back to the line and not long after we went inside, after about forty minutes of watching the show taping the band came onstage.  I was a bit disappointed that they only sang two of their old songs, Miracles and Karma Chamelon which Boy George referred to as the little green lizard!  After the show we waited in the alley again and all the guys except George came out and went through the parking lot door so we were disappointed but then five minutes later they came back out to sign so everyone was happy. 

They were all very friendly especially Mikey who had a discussion with me about Yorkshire when he saw I was from England and remarked that most of the last Olympians came from there.  We then saw Boy George come out and start taking photos and signing for fans at the other end of the alley and Jon remarked he would probably come over when he was done.  A few minutes later George started walking down and looked like he was going to go through the parking lot door but Jon beckoned him over so he continued over thankfully!  He came walking straight towards me and said " no fucking autographs, just photos" I mentioned I was from England and he said "Good for you" and went to the person next to me and continued down the line, I thought I had lost my chance but thankfully he came back up the line and I managed to get him, he was a bit rude and seemed rushed, one girl did not get a photo as she was taking too long to take it and he told her to get an Iphone!  Anyway I was very happy to get photos with the whole band, the rest of the band signed index cards but not George, I was shocked I got a photo with him so that was a bonus!

July 16th 2016

We attended the annual Glendale Cruise Night car show and were happy to see the group The Surfaris were playing a set.  They are best known for their song "Wipeout" which has featured in over 50 movies apparently!  Bob Berryhill is the only original member but the one who matters as he wrote Wipeout and played lead guitar.  The group now consists of his wife and two sons but they could all play and Bob still has it!

July 21st 2016

We attended the Jimmy Kimmel show to see the super group Prophets of Rage which comprised of Tom Morello from Rage Against the Machine, B Real from Cypress Hill and Chuck D & DJ Lord from Public Enemy.  I was a bit apprehensive to go as I figured the audience would be mainly pot heads and be one big mosh pit but we went as the hubby likes the groups mentioned.  I was pleasantly surprised to find that there were quite a few older attendees and once the concert started there was only a bit of pot in the air.  The band was very energetic and the audience was into it so we had a good time. 

Afterwards we waited in the alley for the members and it was not long before Tom came out, he signed and took photos and finally Cesar got a photo with him after two previous meetings so he was very happy.  B Real came out next and he was really nice and chatted for a while with everyone.  He seemed genuinely happy that we stayed to meet him, mind you he stank of pot and was smoking a joint when he walked down the alley so was probably in a good mood!!  The guys from Public Enemy came out last and were really nice too, we got photos with them, also cd covers signed, so it was a good night.

August 20th 2016

We attended the Child Stars - Then and Now Autograph Show at the Hollywood Museum in Hollywood.  The event was only 10 dollars to get into but we had to buy a ticket into the museum which was 15 dollars each.  We weren't too upset about that as we had never been there and the place had lots of movie props and costumes.  The autograph show was very small, a lot of the stars who were on the list to appear were not there which I was not thrilled about but some I wanted were so it wasn't so bad.  I grew up watching the Waltons and Kami Cotler who played Elizabeth was there and also another favourite was Little House on the Prairie and the actresses who played Nellie and Carrie, Alison Arngrim & Lindsay Greenbush were present so I was happy.

Other actors who I had photos taken with were Jon Provost who played Timmy in Lassie who said he liked my bling phone cover, Kathy Garver from Family Affair who said she also liked my cell phone cover, Marta Kristen from Lost in Space, Margaret O'Brien from Meet Me in St. Louis, Daeg Faerch from Rob Zombie's Halloween and Radames Pera from Kung Fu.

October 1st 2016

We heard that Jimmy Kimmel was having a yard sale in the parking lot where the bands play and as we are fans of the show and have been to numerous concerts we decided to go.  We arrived at about 10am, the sale stared at 8am but that was too early for us.  Turns out Jimmy was there when it opened so we missed him!  His security guard and side kick Guillermo was there so I took a photo with him, he was nice.
There were hundreds of items for sale, props and costumes from show sketches and even items Jimmy brought from his house.  We bought some really cheap cds and books that guests brought to the show and an outfit Zoe Saldana wore in the Hottie Bodies skit on the show which was awesome. 
Hopefully this will turn into an annual event as we had lots of fun!

October 22nd 2016

We went to the annual pumpkin patch event at Gilchrist Farm and Academy Award winner Mark Gasbarro was there performing as half of the duo Emeralde with Margie Russomanno.  Mark won an Oscar for the piano solo in the movie UP and also for ZOOTOPIA.  They played for about an hour and then I got Mark to sign one of their flyers and I took a photo with him, it is not every day you run into an Oscar winner at a pumpkin patch!

October 27th 2016

We bought day and night combo tickets to Halloween Horror Nights and Universal Studios as we wanted to see the new Harry Potter World in the park and do the horror night.  The good thing about the combo ticket is that they let you stay in the park and let you in the mazes early before the horror night attendees which was great as we did not have to line up at all the whole night! 

Anyway the day pass let us in at 2pm and as we got there we noticed that EXTRA TV were filming at the globe so we hung about to see what they were doing.  Turned out they were filming the giveaway section with the host Charissa Thompson and so we were given tickets to get free stuff if we stuck around for the taping!  Cesar was given a ticket for a new product called Vega which was a huge protein powder with 2 flasks a headband and a book, my ticket was for a bag of cosmetics by Benefit, there were 5 items in all and we also were given a 100 dollar gift card to Whole Foods so we were very happy!  The taping took about forty minutes and then Charissa took a photo with me, she was lovely!

December 12th 2016

We heard that The Woody Show was having a free burger giveaway day and we can never resist a free burger!  Cesar is a big fan of the show and listens to it on his long commutes so he wanted to meet the hosts.  When we got to the event all the hosts were there taking pictures with fans so I got a group photo and then individual photos with Woody, Seabas, Greg Gory, Ravey and Menace.  I also got them all to sign an index card and Woody signed a bumper sticker so I can frame them both togther.  We were happy to see that they were not just serving burgers but it was a combo with fries and a drink, bonus!  We ended up with three combos and I was given a free holiday t-shirt so it was a great day!

May 5th 2017

It was free comic book day so we went to a couple of comic book stores, the House of Secrets in Burbank had illustrator Chris Savino from Nickledon and the Loud House creator.  He was signing copies of his comic book Loud House so we got two copies signed and he took a photo with me.

July 6th 2017

It was free day at the Huntington Library and botanical gardens and as it is one of our favourite places to go we got free tickets.  We had just got there and were on our way to the hot house with exotic plants when I saw a familar face walk by us.  I did a double take when I realised it was actor Forest Whitaker and told Cesar, we went after him and I asked him for a photo.  There was a woman with him who I presumed to be his wife and she said no but I said I was visiting from England and would not get the chance again and Forest said okay so I got my photo! 

November 22nd 2017

Artist Shepard Fairey opened an exhibition called Damage in Los Angeles.  Shepard was there when we arrived which was great, he was very chatty and explained his pictures.  We got some free posters and stickers and he was happy to pose for photos. 

January 20th 2018

I was out shopping at a store in Burbank and came upon actor Keith Carradine at the Starbuck's kiosk!  He was with his wife and I went up to him and asked if he would take a photo with me which he said he was happy to do.  A really nice down to earth guy. 

August 10th 2018  Katharine McPhee held a free concert in Burton Chase park in Marina Del Rey.  We arrived in time to see her rehearse and then a couple of hours later she came back out for the concert.  Cesar found out where her trailer was so after the show we went there and she arrived and was happy to pose for photos

August 13th 2018 

The Los Angeles Chargers were holding a free training camp viewing session so we decided to go out and see them.  We were lucky to be able to get a free hat whilst there from AAA as we are members and after the training some of the guys came over to sign.  We got the hat signed by 7 players and I got photos with them.  We also got to meet the ABC7 reporter Ashley brewer who also signed another free hat the news channel were giving away.  A good day all in all.